Ariims Trading System

Secure. Authentic. Convenient.

ARIIMS is AbleAce Raakin’s online solution for the convenience of Commodity Murabahah transactions between AbleAce Raakin and its Clients. Its architecture, design and security were developed with guidance by the Central Bank of Malaysia. The system was fully vetted and certified by Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board in 2009.

Commodity Murabahah trading can be done fast, easily, safely and free from potential shariah breach with ARIIMS.

Open gateway at your convenience & time zones

Daily update of AbleAce Raakin’s stocks availability in real-time

E-documentation of Purchase Service Agreement

E-transaction of the trading authenticity

Daily report & transaction trail for audit

High standard of security measures for user

Processes are fail-safe from potential Shariah breach